About the Memorial

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Three Walkways

   There are three walkways leading into the center of the courtyard. They represent the service men and women who answered the call to duty, coming together from all directions and walks of life, each with their own personal reasons to serve our nation and become America's defenders.

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Outer Circle

   The outer circle represents how the individual services circle together to protect our country, how we are unified as one nation and as brothers and sisters. All five service flags representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard are on the perimeter of the circle.

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"Bricks of Honor"

    "Bricks of Honor" make up the inner walkway. These personalized bricks honor those who served our nation. They represent the Coleman community, Midland County, Isabella County, and people all over our country who have purchased a brick to honor their loved one or friends who have served.
Click here to view all commemorative brick names and messages.

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Gulf War, OIF, & OEF Statue

   The first soldier is a shade of brown, which depicts the living. He represents the Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom. This Soldier is walking into the courtyard to honor a fallen comrade. The Statue vividly portrays a Hispanic Sergeant who served in Iraq.

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Female Combat Statue

  The second is that of a female combat soldier (first of its kind), and she is also a shade of brown. She also represents the Gulf War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Operation Enduring Freedom, while standing beside her brother to honor the fallen. The Female GW/OIF/OEF Statue represents the likeness of four women of different heritages, embracing the diversity of women in service.

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Vietnam War Statue

   The third Soldiers Statue is from the Vietnam War. His hand is reaching out to his battle buddy's shoulder to offer strength. It pays homage to an African American soldier who lost his life during the war.

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Korea War Statue

The fourth is from The Korean War, filing into the courtyard to honor and console a brother. The Statue echoes the sacrifice of a Polynesian Soldier that fought and died there.

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WWII Statue

The fifth statue is from World War II, filing into the courtyard to honor and console a brother. The WWII Statue stands as a tribute to the sculptor's Great Grandfather, a German immigrant turned U.S. citizen, who returned to Europe and died fighting the German Army.

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WWI Statue

The statue in the back coming in and stepping up to the center is from World War I. The WWI Statue honors a Native American from the local Chippewa Tribe who served, and died, in WWI, contributing to the mosaic of sacrifices made.

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Military Working Dog

We've placed a Military Working Dog to represent our Canine Soldiers who fight alongside our men and women and help protect us.

Coleman_WWII copy.png__PID:33efaebd-159b-429e-84bd-17c30dd29a10

Original WWII Memorial

One of the original Veterans Memorials from the Coleman VFW memorial. They were moved here from their original resting place to be a part of this special memorial and show the cost that so many Veterans have paid to have a free nation.

Coleman_OriginalMemorialSign copy.png__PID:0fdfc598-fc83-4988-97c3-aa9bf9dd26c0

The Rock

In memory and honor of all who served, and to those who gave their lives while defending our country. Your memory will live in infinity.
Original memorial created by:
The Blue Star Mothers ; 1945
Rebuilt by V.F.W. Post 1071 ; 1987
Rebuilt and Relocated by Coleman Veterans Memorial ; 2010

The Statues are facing away from you as you walk into this memorial so that when you visit our beautiful memorial, you will be walking into the courtyard along with the soldiers, taking in all the names of those who served and who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice, to pay tribute, show honor and reflect with them. This memorial is an educational tool to show the cost that so many Veterans have paid to have a free nation.

Together, these statues weave a narrative of diverse journeys uniting in the defense of America, symbolizing the intricate threads of the nation's cultural tapestry. They encapsulate the multitude of reasons and backgrounds from which individuals have chosen to stand in defense of their country.